Boris Vaskin

I'm Boris Vaskin

Developer and Entrepreneur

Hello. My name is Boris Vaskin and I’m an IT specialist. I started programming in the sixth grade and my first program has been solving quadratic equations that was very useful for me at the time :) After that I never stopped exploring the IT world.

Now I have my own company. I’ve managed to gather people around me who are also passionate about IT engineering and are able to produce high quality IT solutions.

I have number of Microsoft Certificates and am specializing in Microsoft technologies. Hope you’ll find my thoughts on the matter as useful as well as entertaining. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’ll need my assistance or consultation.

Professional Skills

C# 91%
Visual Studio 83%
.NET Core 73%
Visual Studio Team Services 90%
Azure App Service 89%
Docker 25%
SQL Server 75%
HTML & CSS 85%
JavaScript 71%
Hugo 77%
Composite C1 67%

Work Experience



Founder / Solution Architect

I’ve decided to pursue the dream about an agile, innovative, highly technical IT company and started a business of my own. The first solution was the housing management system for my father’s company. After that I’m started to mentor a few bright young guys who now are core developers of BBIT. Mainly we are developing web systems using ASP.NET Core, EF Core, AngularJS and Azure. We do full software development lifecycle with CD, QA, test automation and support.


Belam Business Solutions

Solution Architect

Started an IT company with two partners and one major investor. Our main direction was to develop enterprise solutions on Microsoft SharePoint 2010. As a Solution Architect I was responsible for planning, developing and deploying SharePoint solutions like intranet and document management for insurance company, as for a few logistics companies. Also we’ve built configurable automatic document numbering solution for SharePoint and employee development dialog with InfoPath.


Lattelecom Technology

Technical specialist

I’ve joined the DMS (Document Management Systems) team to face new challenges and expand my field of expertise. As a Technical specialist I was responsible for system introduction, installation, maintenance, development of extensions and integrations, client support.


Eagle Technology

.NET Developer

I’ve joined the company as part of innovative team which separated from Lattelecom Technology. Everyone on the team wanted to build something new and escape the world of legacy software maintenance. I’ve worked on a few interesting projects, like templating engine based on OpenXML, bank system integrations and web-based stock system.


Lattelecom Technology

.NET Developer

As an IT student I wanted to apply gained knowledge to solve real-world problems and improve my practical skills. I’ve been assigned to existing project for National Revenue Authority where my primary responsibilities was to fulfill change requests and fix bugs. Since I always was more passionate about latest technologies, after a while I was reassigned to a rnd projects related to Microsoft Office addins and other interesting new tech.



Unfinished Master

Riga Technical University

I’m still planning to find the time for it :)


M101: MongoDB for Developers

MongoDB University


Distributed Application Development with Microsoft Visual Studio

Baltic Computer Academy


Web Application Technologies with Microsoft Visual Studio

Baltic Computer Academy


Data Access with Microsoft Visual Studio

Baltic Computer Academy


Windows Forms Technologies with Microsoft Visual Studio

Baltic Computer Academy


Bachelor degree

Riga Technical University

Earned with thesis: Developing Artificial Neural Network learning method with variable training set


Programming and OOP fundamentals

SIA "Progmeistars"

Stuff I'm interested in, beyond IT

I like to think of myself as an active person :) I like travelling, studying, P90X, squash, tennis, mountain skiing and many more activities! I’m interested in new technologies, health, history, economics and politics.

  • Learn something new
  • Travel a lot
  • (Table) Tennis
  • Walking in the sun
  • Skiing from the top
  • Swimming all year round
  • Cycling through city
  • Occasional movies and series
  • Relaxing after work


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